a. Conditions & Objects of Application:
Orders paid through the website https://creativefoxsl.com/ are eligible for warranty coverage as per the specific description outlined for each product.
Eligible customers include those who purchase goods at Creative Fox, excluding Collaborators and Agents.
This warranty applies to all products offering warranty support at Creative Fox.
To qualify for warranty service, reported errors must be attributable to objective factors, with the customer adhering to the usage notes for the specific product.

b. Warranty Form:
For products provided in the form of accounts by Creative Fox encountering common errors (e.g., incorrect login information, lost registration package, or incomplete functionality), we will endeavor to rectify the error directly on the account in use. If rectification is not feasible, a replacement account will be provided.
For products issued in the form of activation codes: In the event of subscription failure, customers must provide evidence demonstrating that the error originated from the code used. Customers can contact the support team of the respective service to obtain this evidence. Upon review of the provided evidence, we will proceed to replace the activation code.
For products provided in the form of upgrades: We guarantee that your upgrade package remains active throughout the registration period. However, issues pertaining to account security or login information are the sole responsibility of the customer. Creative Fox does not intervene in such matters.

c. Contact Warranty
1. Contact Method:
Customers can initiate a warranty claim through the following channels:
Contacting Creative Fox customer service directly. The fastest response can be obtained via Creative Fox’s Official WhatsApp.
WhatsApp Official Link https://wa.me/94771952145
2. Refund Policy:
Refund requests will be considered in scenarios where Creative Fox cannot provide a warranty resolution for the customer within one week, and a refund request is made by the customer.

a. Refund Policy:
For Products in the form of an Account:
If an account becomes inactive due to an error from Creative Fox or a service provider, we will rectify the issue by renewing or resolving it directly on the affected account (depending on each specific case).
If a reported product error cannot be fixed by Creative Fox within at least one week from the time of reporting, a refund will be issued. The refund amount will be calculated by deducting the time from the date of purchase until the date of error reporting, with the refund distributed equally based on the original purchase price.
For Products in the Form of Activation Codes:

If a customer receives an activation code and is unable to use it, Creative Fox will reissue a new code or provide remote activation support.
If an error occurs during usage after successful activation and the warranty period is still valid, the customer must provide evidence proving that the error originated from Creative Fox. Creative Fox will then handle the situation by either providing a replacement or issuing a refund based on the customer’s preference.

For Upgraded Products:
If errors arise during usage that Creative Fox cannot resolve within one week from the time of reporting, a refund will be issued. The refund will be in the form of a time deduction from the date of purchase until the error is reported, with the refund amount distributed equally based on the original purchase price.

b. Refund Form & Time:
Upon receiving a refund request, Creative Fox commits to processing the refund within a maximum of 7 days from the receipt of the request, excluding Saturdays and Sundays.
Customers are required to provide refund information via e-wallet or bank accounts matching the buyer’s name to facilitate the refund process.
Refund requests should be communicated to Creative Fox’s customer service team via the Official WhatsApp channel: https://wa.me/<+94771952145>.
Note: Some products may have special refund policies detailed on their respective product pages to ensure accurate application of refund and exchange procedures.

3. Returns:
The return policy is applicable to all products with warranty support on the website creativefoxsl.com, provided the following conditions are met:
The product does not function as originally described.
The product is defective during use, and the customer does not receive warranty support from Creative Fox.
The product’s defect is attributed to Creative Fox, and the customer has adhered to the usage requirements.
Return Methods:
Customers can request a product renewal if the specified criteria are met.
Customers can opt to switch to another subscription package (if available) for the same product. Any additional cost for the new package will be borne by the customer if it exceeds the price of the old package. Conversely, customers will receive an additional balance if the new package is priced lower than the old one.
Customers can request an exchange for another product of equal or greater value. In the case of a higher-priced product, the customer will compensate for the price difference.
Customers can opt to return the product and discontinue the service. In such cases, the customer’s order will be canceled, and a refund will be issued according to Creative Fox’s refund policy.
Return request information should be communicated to Creative Fox’s customer service via the Official WhatsApp channel: https://wa.me/<+94771952145>.